Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Let us give thanks for volunteers

Archibald and Amy came to us to give their time for free.

Like many talented young postgraduates coming  into the marketplace they found no jobs, so they decided to volunteer for their local charity. Archie should be on a proper training contract so that he can qualify as a solicitor after 2 years. Amy is a brilliant single mother who has qualified as a barrister, but can't get a place in chambers.

In spite of their money worries they decided to volunteer for us, and soon they helped an ailing Law Centre turn itself around. They're on the phones one moment, talking to drop in clients the next. Reading papers, filling out funding forms, gathering witness statements and lecturing housing officers, rarely do they have time to sit still.

I could give special mention to Archie's careful interviews of dozens of neighbours that helped a family member keep his flat after his grand-dad passed away.   Or Amy's clever skeleton arguments, or the people who turn up every day who she talks to and then makes appointments for.

The fact is that Amy & Archie give no more and no less that up to 100 volunteers a year who contribute acts of kindness.

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